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Introducing one of the Kings of New Orleans Bounce Music!

Vockah Redu


Your Favorite Bounce Music Artist’s favorite Bounce Music Artist!

Vodkah Redu is an American Bounce/EDM/Rock/Hip-Hop & Pop Music Artist, Actor, Model & Dancer from New Orleans Louisiana by way of Houston, Texas.

Although the Magnolia Housing Projects have long been demolished, a light post still stands at the corner where youth like Vockah Redu (Javocca Davis) gathered to rap and create beats.

The light post marks one of the birthplaces of Bounce music, a genre of rap specific to New Orleans that has invigorated crowds throughout the South.

Vockah Redu and the Cru animate the stage with their dynamic revival of dance, music, and art from the street corner to the club.

More than your typical hip-hop act, this theatrical performance sets the stage for a sweaty, hands-down, booty-up good time, transforming any party, bar, or dance floor in your neighborhood.

Vockah performs along with his dancers called Da Cru.

The original Cru formed in 1997 and was composed of the Ave Girls: Joi Jadah (Joi Denise Sessions), Teedy Booh (Tasha Marie Butler), Ninny (Shanita Davis), and Grahonda Pooh (Madonna Melissa Oliver).

Currently the Cru is composed of Shortee Whop (Glendell Weir), Energyzah (Clarence Mosley), and Taveion Rodeo (Donte Brown). 

The Cru dominates the stage with electrifying choreography, costumes, skits, and superb street style.

It’d be accurate to say that Vockah Redu & Da Cru, literally steal the show each time that they perform. The wiry, dreadlocked rapper is not only an arresting vision, he & Da Cru are a great big ball of positive energy that everyone can enjoy.

Redu has been performing in New Orleans & abroad since the late 90’s, though because most of his music is self-released and he spent several years in Houston going to school in the early 2000’s, he’s has been less prominent than his bounce music counterparts until now!

Things have now changed and it’s not hard to see why.

A onetime dance-team performer, Redu has a Prince-like vibe, with a lean, live-wire body that vibrates with energy during manic dance routines with his Cru, performers Shortee Whop and Energyzah.

Vockah’s sense of theater is fully realized in his costuming, which Saturday consisted of knee-length hair extensions, a top hat, a chrome skull mask and a long black PVC cape over a paper-white suit – George Clinton meets Lady Gaga.

If this doesn’t sound much like traditional New Orleans street-party bounce, it’s because it’s not.

Vockah’s early songs use familiar beats and call-and-response lyrics, but over the past year or so, his show has been growing more and more into a theatrical presentation, and his songs evolving to incorporate more elements of jazz, EDM, electronica and straight rap, eschewing the standard bounce.

Vockah recently returned from a national tour that included a stop in the studio with Sir Mix-A-Lot: looking at the dancers and his own elaborate outfits, it also involved a few stops at the fabric store.

It’s hard to describe exactly what Vockah Redu, with his combination of stagecraft, dance and spoken-word is doing.

“For my part, I’d been enjoying Bounce music as a fan and studying it as an emcee for years, and jumped at the opportunity to include it in a show.

Hip-Hop artists such as Juvenile, Birdman, and Lil Wayne have all been described as Bounce or kept a foot in Bounce through the years, but I’d also recommend you check out artists like Cheeky Blakk and Magnolia Shorty and get familiar, ehhhh?” – Vockah Radu

Vockah is also further bending his musical styles and teaming up with other musicians.

Vockah has now expanded his genre outside of just Bounce Music! He is currently working on a new project consisting of house, pulse rock, pop and EDM genere’s.

Vockah’s music is meant for immediate and ephemeral physical enjoyment— high energy, dancing, booty-clapping, and so forth.

He and his Cru’s live show is about more than translating recorded music to the stage. Vockah’s live shows are elaborately costumed (and then stripped-down) dance contests.

Vockah’s music is great for Zumba and with daytime Bouncercise dance workshops. 

Vockah and Da Cru are indeed an impressive package, and if the music doesn’t leave you with anything in the way of home Twerking and listening, it will most definitely give your ass a workout!

Currently Vockah & Da Cru are preparing to go on a nation wide tour across America during this spring/summer.

Vockah will be releasing an exercise tape along with several new music projects and videos.

“Vockah Redu & The Cru combine street-level ass-shaking, combining spiritual and sexual energy with straight-up New Orleans Bounce roots, like if Prince and Erykah Badu had a baby and raised it in the Magnolia Projects.” - The Times-Picayune


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