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Vockah Redu & Da Cru In The Press

Check out what people think about Vockah Redu & Da Cru's Live Performances...

Vanity Fair Magazine

“Vockah’s shows are elaborately choreographed and costumed, like how Ziggy Stardust would’ve ended up if he’d been raised in the Magnolia Houses.”

Vanity Fair

New Orleans Sissy Bounce: Rap Goes Drag

By Brett Berk 

The NY Times

“Vockah has the looks and the bearing (and the dancing ability) of a star”

New York Times

New Orlean’s Gender-Bending Rap

By Jonathan Dee 

“Vockah Redu’s performance was one of the most energetic and ridiculous spectacles I’ve seen in a long, long time.” “He contorted his body, posed

theatrically, writhed on the floor, and willed the crowd into frenzied participation.”

The Stranger

My Favorite Discoveries of SXSW, Part III

By Jason Baxter 

The Fab Femme

“He is absolutely amazing and I love the fresh sound he’s bringing to the bounce scene.”

The Fab Femme 

The Owl Mag

“Redu is the avant garde explosion that flirts with the lines our culture already pushes up and against.”

The Owl Mag

SXSW 2011: The Best of the Rest 

Best of New Orleans

“Bounce is what the music is making you do.”

Mr. Meana

Best of New Orleans 

The Austin Chronicle

“Vockah Redu – all cult-leader charisma and abs – lead his crew and the crowd into the sultry loins of New Orleans bounce.”

– Richard Whittaker

SXSW Aftershots Saturday-Sunday F 

The Austin Chronicle

“VOCKAH REDU The crown prince of booty bounce.”

By Kate X Messer

Gay Place: Gay Tee Ex

South by, gay bi, o hai, bye-bye! 

Jen B Shoemaker

“I got to give all praise and light to Vockah Redu who performed for us. His energy alone would make you smile and his presence is dynamic.“


SXSW 2012 Recap: My Week in Heaven and Hell 

“Best Rap Lyric: “You’re under arrest! You’re under arrest! Put your hands behind your head and move your breasts!” – Vockah Redu, who opened for a bunch of garage rock bands”

by Genevieve Oliver

SXSW A Lot Like High School

Late Night Dispatch

“Bob caught a set by New Orleans Sissy Bounce artist Vockah Redu: “It was really amazing, and you can see emotionally how it really hits people. It’s very powerful.“”

by Jacob Ganz

SXSW Late Night Dispatch: 


B420 Radio

SXSW 2019

Pink Elephant Radio Soundstage

“I attended the Pink Elephant Radio stage feat. Bobby Lytes of Love N Hip-Hop Miami,  Vockah Redu & several other artists.

 Vockah Redu and Da Cru had one of the most amazing performances that I have ever seen! Or better yet felt! The energy was clearly off the rictor scale!“

by Dominicquell Turner

Bossy Inc. Mass Media PR Firm

“Best live show you’ve ever seen since the best live show you’ve ever seen.”

The Stranger

Minutiae and Detritus from a Long Texas Weekend

By: Grant Brissey 

New Orleans Gambit Weekly

“Vockah Redu & The Cru combine street-level ass-shaking, combining spiritual and sexual energy with straight-up New Orleans Bounce roots, like if Prince and Erykah Badu had a baby and raised it in the Magnolia Projects.”

New Orleans Gambit Weekly

By Alison Fensterstock

You and What Army

“Vockah’s raunchy lyrics have a gospel-like passion, a burning, defiant pride. It

was “just” dance party music, but it was life-affirming…My SXSW had been

redeemed at the very last moment…”

You and What Army

By Michael Azzerad

What festival reps & fans are saying.

Vockah Redu & Da Cru's performance last year at Fusebox has reached legendary status. Go see this show!

Fusebox Festival

What festival reps & fans are saying.

I watched Vockah Redu & Da Cru's performance this year at SXSW in Austin, Texas and it changed my life! I witnessed him mesmerize the crowd and the way that people interacted along with him and his dancers was crazy! I simply loved the entire show! Vockah definitely inspired me to want to step my game up as a performer!

Trill 100, Houston Hip-Hop Artist